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Commercial vehicles

Safeguard commercial vehicles with insurance

While commercial insurance rates have been on the rise for many business-owned and fleet vehicles, Champan Insurance team has consistently been able to match the right business with the right insurance coverage, not just from a cost perspective but also from a coverage standpoint; thanks to our over 60 years' experience.


Champan Insurance is ready to help you get the insurance you need!

Find the right insurance for your business vehicles

From milk trucks and tow trucks to contractors' vehicles and one-man sales vehicles, Champan Insurance will provide you with a quote from one of our insurers to make sure that we find you the best plan for your commercial needs.

Numerous commercial auto insurance options:

•  State and federal filing coverage

•  Cargo coverage, rental reimbursement

•  Hired and non-owned auto coverage, towing coverage

•  Loss of use coverage, coverage for paint and graphics

More than just insurance for business vehicles

Do you work with automobiles on your job? Then turn to Champan Insurance for auto-related insurance for businesses that work on, with, or around vehicles. Also, our independent agency can provide you with personal home and auto insurance!

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