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Specializing in insurance for taverns and restaurants

Champan Insurance has a specialized program written specifically to service restaurants and taverns. If you're the owner of one of these types of businesses, Champan Insurance is 1 of just 3 insurance agencies in the state that can write these policies! Champan Insurance has written policies for hundreds of these businesses!


These business-specific plans have saved owners hundreds and thousands of dollars!

Explore insurance plans specifically for your business

As a local, family-owned business, Champan Insurance has worked closely with restaurateurs and business owners to develop tailored coverage options to meet the particular needs of your restaurant or tavern business. Explore specific coverage below!

A range of highly specific coverage options:

•  Food delivery, food contamination, and food spoilage coverage

•  Liquor liability and FREE server training courses, including False ID recognition

•  Employer's practice liability, assault, and battery coverage

•  Athletic participant's coverage and many other unique, specialized coverage options

Ask about additional benefits of our specific plans!

In addition to our superb coverage options, Champan Insurance delivers money-saving coverage that has saved business owners hundreds and thousands of dollars! Contact us for a quote and get better insurance at better prices from Champan Insurance!